Fantasy vs Reality

Fantasy vs Reality

September 05, 2018

How many times have you heard this one: “The BEST gun for you is X.” This statement is usually made after you ask “I need a gun for protection, what should I get?” That seemingly simple question is a Pandora’s box which can lead to arguments and broken friendships. (Ask me how I know)

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So many factors come into play here, but here is what my 28 years of firearm experience has taught me. The first question you need to ask is to the person in the mirror. You must be real with yourself, why do I need/want a gun? That will lead you to the next level of reality. If you say for hunting, then the question is are you ready to study how to hunt and be safe in the woods? What do you want to hunt? What is your budget? Not real hard questions, but the last one is the hardest… can you take an animal’s life? If so, are you ready to process that animal to eat and be responsible with that resource? If yes, welcome to wonderful world of hunting and conservation!

If the question of why do I need/want a gun is for protection, those follow up questions go to very hard at the beginning. That flowchart starts with “Can I take the life of another person?” That is a hard question no doubt, but it must be answered as truthfully as possible. You need to understand the laws in your state, county, and town. Does your state have Castle Doctrine or stand your ground? Look them up, they are not the same! Ok, back to the firearm, what do you need? That depends on several factors of course. What are you protecting yourself from? Do you just need a home gun or an EDC (Every Day Carry)? What is your experience level (Be REAL)? Are you willing to train and learn or do you just want the feeling of knowing that you COULD do something? If you want a feeling, do not get an object, get knowledge first. If you do need a firearm for protection, do not show it off, you are giving away your own security.

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If you decide to go the EDC route the questions are now very personal. What caliber, size, action type, single vs. double stack mag, and most important… where to carry on your person. The last question will most likely be the limiting factor. Summer carry vs. winter carry is different for me in the Northeast. In summer I go with a single stack/single action, in the winter I go with a double stack striker fired pistol on my person and my summer EDC in my outer coat. When it comes to EDC, be truthful to yourself, your answers will have a direct effect on your confidence and likelihood to carry.

In closing a topic like this, the emphasis must be on the reality of the situation, not the perceived or fantasy side. You must be true to you, because you are responsible for you. You know your budget, training, experience, and if you think you can take a life. Be true to yourself, make informed decisions, and do what works for you and your family!

If this is something you want to talk to someone about, I would be happy to discuss it further and help you figure out what is going to work for you! Come on down to the shop and see me sometime

In His service,

Bill Brouse

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