About Us

Ernie Shipman


Ernie founded Renaissance Firearms in 2003 to combine his passion for firearms with a business that could support his family. He already operated Renaissance Signs in Gonic, New Hampshire, and that became the location of the gun shop for over a decade. In 2016, a fire destroyed the buildings adjacent to the shop forced Renaissance Firearms to move. It turned out to be a blessing-in-disguise – the shop expanded to a much larger location in Barrington, NH and the store has grown considerably.

Ernie is fond of destination hunting and has completed two successful African safari trips with many more to come! He jokingly declares favorite firearm of all time is "whatever gun is in his hand." When available, however, he prefers Beretta, Sako and vintage Colts.

Ernie's goal is simple: to operate the best gun shop and to serve customers as he would like to be served.

Devon St. Cyr

 Devon St. Cyr joined Ernie as his Business Partner in Spring of 2018.  He heads up Law Enforcement Contract and Online Sales at Renaissance Firearms. He is married to his loving wife Becky and together they have two children. Devon worked at RenArms from 2006 to 2007, then took a ‘hiatus’ to serve as a United States Marine for nine years and “saw the world.” He is back and ready to sell guns! Past firearms experience and credentials include: military training, qualified combat marksmanship coach, NRA pistol and rifle instructor, hunting, and retail sales.

If he could have only one firearm, it would be a Christensen Arms Ridgeline in 300 Win Mag suppressed and using a Schmidt and Bender Scope. 

Devon strives to serve both customers and staff in order to make Renaissance Firearms the one stop shop for all things shooting sports related in NH!

Bill Brouse

 Bill Brouse is Training Manager at Renaissance Firearms. He is married to his wonderful wife Katie, and they have two daughters who love the outdoors. Bill has been with the company since mid 2016, and feels like he has found his "forever home".  Past experience with firearms includes, executive protection, military, law enforcement, instruction (kids and adults), hunting, and retail sales. If he could have only one firearm, it would be a Beretta Extrema 12 ga. Bill's hobbies are hunting and fishing, home projects (first house!), and time with friends and family! 

Greg Allen

 Greg is the Sales Manager Renaissance. He self-describes his job as “trying to sell guns so I don't buy them!” Firearms have been a part of Greg's family for a long time - he grew up with firearms safety and developed a love for shooting. He is an Eagle Scout, has completed several NRA and Sig Sauer Academy courses and currently studies criminal justice. In addition to 'anything that goes bang,' Greg loves his CZ pistol! 

Bruce Henderson

 Bruce work with local Police and Sheriff Departments and Estate sales to bring in the best and most diverse amount of guns possible to our customers!  He has been with the company since 2010 and has tremendous knowledge and experience with shipping and transferring firearms throughout the US.  Bruce is fond of "micro-sized" auto pistols and currently favors the Glock 43.  He's a history buff and spends his leisure time on "SRS": singing, reading and shooting!  

John Still

 John is the Business Development Manager. John, a Philadelphia native turned NH resident owns a few businesses that he continues to run on the side as he helps Renaissance grow. He will be help take Renaissance to the next level.
He's an avid shooter, weapons collector and 3 gun competitor. John can usually be found reenacting WWII or working on his cars in his free time. 

Emma Huizenga


Emilia Huizenga is our Office Administrator. Although she grew up with Renaissance Firearms being in her family she started working for them in the fall of 2016 doing visual merchandizing displays and now handles all the administrative work. She enjoys working together with the Renaissance team to solve the different challenges that arise. Though she would rather be knitting than shooting, she does enjoy shooting a Glock. When she’s not working Emilia loves to knit, draw, and spend time with her wonderful husband (He is a real Dream Boat!)

Lisa Olivera-Nunan

Lisa originally started working as Renaissance's external book-keeper the end of 2016.  She transitioned to an internal employee May 2018 after gaining an interest in the industry!  She realized in order to gain a good understanding, she needed it to be her main focus. Although, a resident of Massachusetts, her husband, 6 kids, and 3 dogs would rather be at their camp in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.

Buddy Hackett

 Buddy is one of our most experienced firearms sales team members. He is a former United States Marine and a lifelong firearms enthusiast. Buddy joins us after a twenty-five year sales career in heavy equipment. He has the rare ability of listening to customers; then matching them with the firearms and accessories that suit their individual needs and wants.

Buddy is a competitive shooter with particular expertise and success in skeet, trap and other shotgun-sports. He's an avid shooter, weapons collector and 3 gun competitor. 

Buddy also works with Veterans to help them deal with the stresses and issues they face after sacrificing for our country, his website is http://www.valhallaassociatesllc.com

John Correia

 John is part of the firearms sales team at Renaissance. Originally from South Dakota, John grew up as an Air Force “brat” before his family settled in New Hampshire. John carried on the family tradition by serving in the US Air Force as a fire fighter. He was one of a select few Airmen that trained with the US Army in combat rifle arms.

John’s military experience and training make him a great resource for Renaissance customers. John’s loves are his daughter, firearms, spending time with family and hiking. 

Chris Hartwick


Chris joined the Renaissance on the Sales Floor July of 2018. He served for 21 years in the US Air Force, loves guns and people and truly brings energy to the shop every day he shows up. He is married to the love of his life Traci. He brings over 30 years’ experience in all areas of materials management which he enjoys applying in the world of retail firearms. His current favorite firearm is his new KS-15, but that will probably change tomorrow. He also loves taking time to escape and head north on his 2017 Harley Wide Glide. His passion for guns and customer satisfaction is truly contagious and we are thrilled to have him here!

Caleb Holmes


Caleb is training as a Sales Associate!  He has always had a love for firearms, especially the 1911. His start in sales began with Olympia Sports. He worked there for a number of years, starting as a Part Time Sales Associate, and ending with a Store Manager position. He has quickly realized that selling firearms is much different than selling shoes... Caleb is a very family oriented person, loves his fiance, and surprisingly loves to learn!  His favorite firearm is a Colt 1911 in 45 ACP.

Alek Bush

Alek is the newest addition training in our sales team. He has recently retired from the U.S. Army.  Firearms have been part of his entire life. Growing up as a sportsman, he has been fortunate to  harvest many species in North America. Alek is looking forward to working with his local community providing a high level of professionalism.